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Heart of Oak Bangles

Not really oakBangles2, but copper and bronze. I usually wear an armload of these and make arm loads of them for others as well. Seeing them piled on top of one another reminds me of the rings of a tree, so many circles, so much time. We have an enormous oak in our front yard, which I am sure, has more rings than I have bangles.  I’ve also been listening to quite a bit of Richard Hawley as of late. He’s the perfect soundtrack for this time of year. Heart Of Oak is a lovely little love song from his latest album.

The Lost RSVP

True story: My dear brother has been asking me to RSVP to an event for days. It was with the best of intentions to do so, but when I looked at the invitation there was a lack of any information as to the were or the how a person might do such a thing. So i used it to photo these 2 little bronze rings. The photo, much like my ability to RSVP on time, is blurry.

Tuesdays are the kinder little sister of Mondays.

Finally getting back into the studio after moving house. We have so much wildlife here even though we are in the city. This is a necklace created at our old house, in the heart of Butchertown, a truly hidden gem of a neighborhood nestled at the very edge of downtown Louisville, Kentucky.

I am curious how the new setting will shape my work. We have endless blue jays and Cooper’s Hawk who roosts in our tree.